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10 Web Design Trends That People Are Talking About

อาทิตย์, 01/14/2018 - 16:48
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It’s important to stay updated with all the changes in the web design world. While design trends come and go, there have been a significant amount of trends that have become standard in the industry. Experimenting with the newest trends can lead to breakthroughs in your engagement numbers, conversions, UX and visitor loyalty. Here are some of the popular trends that you should be paying attention to.

1. Magazine Style Content and Layouts

Magazine style editorials have always been designed to grab the attention of the readers. Many websites are using this content and layout format to get and keep their visitors glued on their site. They’re using well placed photos, blurb excerpts from the content, multiple font faces/sizes and other elements to keep the reader engaged through lengthy articles.

2. Mobile First Design

Having a mobile friendly site today is essential whether the business model is based on reseller hosting, professional services or eCommerce. But many businesses have learned how hard it is to optimize websites for mobile even with responsive design. As a result, many businesses have adopted a mobile first design approach. The idea is to start designing for mobile first because it’s the more challenging task and to extend it to the desktop browsing experience later.

3. User Experience Design

User experience design has gotten the attention it’s deserved only in the last few years. But it’s going to receive even more attention as the user experience will have a direct impact on search engine rankings. With a large number of businesses relying on the search engines to generate revenue, they’re going to be investing more heavily into user experience design. The main focus will be reducing bounce rates, faster loading times, increased engagement numbers and better navigation menus just to name a few things.

4. Infinite Scrolling

More content sites, blogs and eCommerce stores are using infinite scrolling to serve continuous content to their users. Implementing infinite scrolling gets rid of the need for the user to click a link that takes them to the next page of content. It also loads up the next page only when the user has reached the end of the current page. The reason why infinite scrolling has been receiving a lot of attention is that it reduces bounce rates. This can mean big things for both content and eCommerce sites as it has a strong correlation with their earnings per visitor.

5. Visual Storytelling

For a long time, visual storytelling has been something that only big brands have been talking about. The visual storytelling approach would help tell their brand story and replace the cold corporate voice that is commonplace with big brands. But smaller businesses have embraced visual storytelling. They’re using strong visuals in their sales copy, content and in their website design. The storytelling approach also helps them connect better with their audience and differentiate their businesses from competitors. The great part about it is that it can also be used for all types of businesses from reseller hosting services, fashion boutiques, restaurants, to medical practices.

6. Modern Retro

Designers have always avoided retro style designs because they were scared of making their websites look outdated. But retro has made a big comeback in the last few years. Designers are updating the retro look to make sure it fits in with modern times. The reason this design style works so well is that it stands out in the sea of websites that follow traditional designs. It also managed to strike an emotional chord with certain demographics like millennials and Gen-Y who remember these classic styles.

7. Bolder and Richer Colors

More companies are taking risks with their design in terms of colors. There are more websites that are using big bold colors, a wide range of pastels and even neon colors in their designs. Some sites are even designing their sites on a dark or black background and creating contrast with brighter colors. While many traditionalists will say that these colors serve as a distraction to users, there are many examples that show that they can work very well. In fact, these colors really help distinguish these sites from all the others.

8. Animated GIFs

One interesting trend that the industry is starting to see is the use of animated GIFs. GIFs are small image files that work well with short animations that are compiled with multiple images. Websites are using it to demonstrate how their product works, provide instructions to users and even using it as part of their background designs. It’s a great alternative to videos which are bigger files and take a longer time to load up, especially on mobile devices.

9. More Accessible Navigation Menus

More sites are making sure that their navigation menus are always accessible to users. Traditionally, the user would have to scroll all the way up to get back to the navigation menu. Instead of forcing users to go back up, websites are using a wide variety of solutions. Some are using fixed headers to make sure the navigation is available. Some are offering tabbed navigation menu in addition to the standard menu. There are even sites that are using navigation menus that fade out until the user puts their mouse cursor on the top of the page.

10. Ambient Video

Instead of big hero images, some websites are taking that space and placing an ambient video for a more interesting presentation. The ambient video is simply a short, lo-fi video that loops in the background. It’s hard to deny that it’s a big attention grabber and is quite captivating when you land on a page that has an ambient video playing. Many sites are using it to add context to their headline and since it’s an actual video, it goes so much further than a big image. The only problem with this setup is that it may not work well with mobile devices.

These are some of the latest web design trends that people are talking about. This should give you plenty of ideas to experiment with regardless of what type of website you have. As always, don’t be afraid of trying new things as you may discover a small design adjustment that can significantly improve your website’s performance.

6 Reasons Face ID Is Game-Changing Technology

พุธ, 01/10/2018 - 21:42

Face ID technology is a new feature on the Apple iPhone X that’s created quite a buzz. This clever innovation analyzes the user’s face for phone security and secure payments. Though Face ID provides some convenience and is interesting today, the future has lots in store for this feature as well. Here’s a closer look at why this is a game-changing technology.

Compatibility With Apple Pay

Image via Flickr by hnnbz

Consumers can use their smartphones, as they always have, to authenticate purchases via Apple Pay. But Face ID has replaced the thumbprint scanner that’s required on older devices and uses facial recognition instead. After setting up Face ID on their new iPhones, users can simply look into the camera to finalize Apple Pay purchases.

Seamless Sign In

A major benefit of Face ID is that you no longer have to type in your Apple ID every time you want to open an app on your phone. Instead, you can use the X’s facial recognition tech to sign into apps and make purchases from the app store. This is just one way that Apple has streamlined functionality on the X. Facial recognition, combined with an iPhone X running on a reliable network like T-Mobile’s 4G LTE, delivers unprecedented speed and extremely convenient usability.

Compatibility With Other Third-Party Applications

In addition to signing into apps, third-party developers will be able to use the tech in practical and fun ways. For example, since the TrueDepth camera system projects dots over the user’s face in a manner similar to motion capture technology, Face ID could be extremely useful for visual effects artists and animators.

There are many other industries that may benefit from this technology. Face ID could notice signs of aging or tiredness over time, for example, and recommend ways to be healthy. The ability to recognize “Yes” and “No” shakes of the head could make completing surveys much easier, and developers could even use expressions (such as raising an eyebrow or looking left or right) to navigate a website or application.


This tech isn’t just about practicality. Face ID is literally game-changing in that it will introduce new ways for you to play and have fun on your device. For example, iPhone X users can create custom animated characters — called “Animojis” — through the Messages app. After selecting an Animoji character, users can record short videos (up to 10 seconds) and send them through a text message. Though this is goofy and fun, it shows off Face ID’s ability to recognize nuanced expressions.

Growing Alongside You

You’ll be finished calibrating Face ID after your initial setup, but the tech doesn’t stop working at that point. Face ID will continue collecting data about your facial structure to ensure you can log in whether you are smiling or frowning, are growing a mustache, or just got a haircut. After learning a bit about your face, the tech will even work if you wear a scarf, hat, or glasses — certainly a plus on blustery days. Face ID even updates as you age, guaranteeing that you won’t have to recalibrate the system down the road.

Biometric Security

Biometric security is one of the most important applications of this technology. Essentially, biometric security aims to replace security measures, like passwords, with human characteristics totally unique to the user.

We’ve seen this in the past with thumbprint scanners on older iPhone models, but Face ID is a much more secure system. We’ve also seen how this security extends to other apps on your phone. But biometric security could also be applied to something like a smart home or car, for example, where a person could gain access with Face ID instead of a key. Once widely adopted, this technology promises to revolutionize modern security.

Apple is doubling down on this tech, having recently acquired a company that produces the laser technology powering Face ID authentication. Apple is also looking to add this feature on all its next-generation iPhones and to an iPad tablet slated for release in 2019. Face ID is interesting now, and the future promises a lot more functionality, convenience, and security thanks to this innovation.

How to Turn Your iPhone into a Music Studio

พุธ, 01/10/2018 - 21:38

You’ve made great strides in your music career, and you’re ready for the next level: sharing your talent with the world. But finances may be the problem. Music studios vary in cost, with the average price ranges for studio time being $50 to $100 an hour.

You don’t have to spend much money to create a music studio at home. In fact, you can use several apps designed for both beginners and pro musicians on your iPhone to create great music.

The Music Studio App

Image via Flickr by E Steuer

This app turns your recording session into a full-fledged music recording studio. If your style of music varies, then this app is for you. Music Studio comes with 123 studio-recorded instruments reflecting sounds of jazz, rock, hip-hop, and more. The instruments on Music Studio were recorded using professional studio equipment so that you get the best sounds.  

Another significant feature is the innovative keyboard. The keyboard offers features such as three key label modes, loop recordings, chord buttons, and chord programming. You’ll also enjoy other features such as track editing to quickly make adjustments to your songs. This app is musical instrument digital interface, or MIDI, compatible, allowing you to import and export, share via email and Dropbox, share files through iTunes, and more. This app costs about $14.99.

Spire Studio

Spire Studio is a mobile recording device that connects to your iPhone and is easy to use. If you’re a beginner, you’ll appreciate the easy-to-follow introduction to making a multi-track recording. For the pros, this app is an easy way to record a multilayered demo while you’re mobile. In fact, the design premise of the Spire Studio app is about allowing musicians to capture ideas quickly from any location.

Musicians can also collaborate by exporting multi-track files to other audio programs as well as share project files with other musicians so that they can edit as they choose. This device is so versatile that once you’ve created your masterpiece, you can export tracks to other programs such as Pro Tools.

While most apps are free or inexpensive, this app will cost you about $350. That fee is still cheaper than the hourly cost to use a studio, and you can use Spire Studio multiple times.

Retro Recorder

You’re trying to record an important note from your acoustic guitar, but the background noise is making your recording difficult. The Retro Recorder is the only app that lets you record distortion free.  Audio Level eXtension technology processes the audio recorded. Then low- and high-level signals are brought into balance so that your recordings are louder and clearer. If you’re constantly on the go and you sample sounds, this app is a great tool to use.

For better results, add JBL speakers from a carrier such as T-Mobile, and the sound will be magnified 100 times, delivering amazing quality. You can’t go wrong by pairing these speakers with T-Mobile, America’s top-ranked unlimited 4G LTE network. This app will cost you about 99 cents.


The iStroboSoft app delivers unmatched accuracy of the highest precision for tuning software. Plug in your acoustic guitar or use the built-in microphone, and you can easily tune with accuracy better than 1/1000th of a semitone. A display in cents value allows you to see how far out of tune your note remains. You can check your instrument tuning before you record so that you can make sure the pitch is perfect. If you find your pitch is off, iStroboSoft can be calibrated to an external source with 1/10th cent accuracy.

Other features include an enhanced spectrum analyzer, note and octave window display, automatic or manual note select tuning, and full-screen mode so that you can get a better view of the display if you’re far away from it. This app is also inexpensive and will cost you about $9.99.

Whether you’re a novice or expert musician, you can use your iPhone to showcase your talent without breaking the bank. With many options available, you are only a click away from creating awesome music at home.

Key Considerations When Selecting Security Software

พุธ, 01/03/2018 - 16:45

In today’s era of technological advances and its numerous conveniences, security software is practically a necessity. The more people use the Internet to send and receive personal or corporate information, the more vulnerable they are to the cyber thieves lurking around.

Despite numerous legal measures which have been enforced, there is a need for more immediate prevention of such breaches in security. For that purpose, developers have come up with all kinds of security software solutions that protect your data from the public eye. Having in mind that every user’s needs are unique, it is important to know the major features of the software in order to be able to choose the most suitable solution. Read on to get a better understanding of its functionalities and how they can assist you in your everyday activities.


One of the main features of this software is its encryption capacities. This is basically the software’s capability to turn your data into an incomprehensible string of codes that renders it useless to anyone trying to intercept it, regardless of their intents. NetBet casino is among the numerous reliable online platforms that openly use their own security encryption protocols to protect their visitors, but the number of sites that leave visitors to fend for themselves is constantly on the rise. As a result, encryption has become one of the priority features in any of the security solutions you are likely to select.


While the first form of protection deals with preventing data from getting into the wrong hands, antivirus functionalities have a different purpose. This type of feature is found in most security solutions, and basically prevents worms and viruses from corrupting your private data.

Nowadays, the feature is more frequently found under the term anti-malware, as it refers to any sort of malicious threat to your privacy.


Firewalls are a primary necessity to any digital device connected to the Internet. They are used to regulate the traffic on the device, and the nature of the data coming in and going out from your device into the cyber space. While the previous two features can be established on a more general basis, the firewall protection you are planning to use needs to be fully customizable and compatible to your online browsing habits. Namely, those worried about the reliability of the network they use could be better off with a secure web gateway instead of the standard firewall traffic control.

Threat Detection

Security software needs to protect your system from both external and internal threats. The features mentioned above, as well as some other like email protection and scanning, tend to focus on the external aspect, which is why those interested in internal security measures should also consider threat detection and vulnerability scanning capabilities as part of their security solution package.

Value for Money

Just like any other purchase you are likely to make, the security software of your choosing needs to offer value for its price. In this regard, buyers are advised to note the software’s price, ease of use and even customer support responsiveness.

The Best Online Marketplace Platform For Every Industry At

จันทร์, 12/25/2017 - 15:07

It seems like everyone has decided to ditch Magento and WordPress websites and turn every online shop and store into an enormous multi-vendor marketplace. Like many small business owners, we were skeptical of this trend at first.

Build the best marketplace platform using the turnkey software solution from e-commerce professionals!“. That’s what you hear everywhere these days.

But after giving it a try, we can honestly say that marketplaces are here to stay. Let us share some thoughts a few months into building a brand-new website for pet products.

Online Marketplace Platform. Do You Need One?

An online marketplace platform will turn a new page for your business. How can you resist the temptation, when it will allow you to:

  • Get rid of wholesale, storage, and drop shipping troubles.
  • Provide your customers with a comfortable shopping experience.
  • Avoid the need to source the merchandise.
  • Reap the benefits of b2b, b2c, and p2p business models.
  • Sell various items, without limiting yourself to china, makeup, clothing,
  • Change the theme of the store every so often without a fuss.

With Online Software Software by RadeMade, you can open as many e-commerce platforms as you need. Arrange for a secure hosting, white out the standard design, top them off with necessary add-ons, and the sites are good to go. Now you need to attract a seller or two, invite customers and use powerful analytics tools to increase your ROI.

Are There Any Downsides?

Before you find the right company to design the best online marketplace platform for you, you will have to do some research. Custom development is extremely costly, but you can find a ready-made builder to suit your needs, like Online Marketplace Software. It won’t be free, but its price is comparatively reasonable among the turnkey solutions.

You will still need to work on attracting suppliers, wholesalers, distributors, and customers to your platform. Marketing expenses are inevitable, but at least you won’t have to worry about dropshipping, resale charges and returns.

You will need to get used to a new CMS. It has everything you need, from the cart to a discount label library. However, there is still a learning curve to master every available plugin, extension, script, and module. The customization possibilities will make your head spin.

There aren’t many SAAS solutions on the market that provide the same wide range of features as OMS by RadeMade. It is an ultimate choice for all companies who wish to create their own peer-to-peer selling, buying or lending platform. We’ve enjoyed it so far and highly recommend it to anyone new to the marketplace game.

5 Things To Do Instead Of Buying The iPhone X

อาทิตย์, 12/24/2017 - 02:20

There’s always going to be a loyal following of Apple dweebs who will gladly fork over $999 for the 64GB iPhone X, but there’s a greater number of people who’d rather spend a grand on bigger and better things. Since you just got used to your iPhone 7 Plus, there’s no need to make the jump and waste your hard-earned cash on the latest generation. You’ve got you eyes on another price, but don’t worry if you don’t. If you aren’t sure how you should spend $1,000, keep reading for inspiration. Here are five things you could do instead of buying the iPhone X.

  1. Travel the country

Have you always wanted to see the Redwoods of California, the Rockies in Colorado, and the bayou of Louisiana? If you forwent your iPhone upgrade, you could see all of these things and more as you tour the country on a 45-day Amtrak pass. With 18 segments (or stops), you can plan a lay-over in 18 states.

While Amtrak isn’t the most luxurious way to travel, it is one of the cheapest. In fact, the 45-day pass costs $899, leaving you a little bit of pocket change to spend on AirBnBs or restaurants around the States.

  1. Be a basic bitch

Back in September, Starbucks fans headed to Twitter to express their #outrage over the latest price hikes at their favorite coffee shop. The company raised its costs by 10–30 cents, depending on the menu item and store location. As a result, the average customer is paying about 0.5 percent more than usual every trip.

Even with the latest bump to your bill, the equivalent of the iPhone X could support a daily drive-thru habit for nearly a year. At $4.75 each, you could sip on 224 tall pumpkin spice lattes. Whether you space them out or burn through these drinks as soon as possible is between you and your over-caffeinated heart.

  1. Stream everything

Netflix, like Starbucks above, rolled out a price increase in 2017. As of October, the streaming giant bumped its basic plan from $9.99 to $10.99 per month and its premium tier from $11.99 to $13.99 per month. Wall Street analysts point towards the rising cost of production as the reason for this hike, as Netflix faces several years of negative cash flow to deliver its originals, like Stranger Things, Orange is the New Black, and Narcos.

As a fan of these shows and more, you could stand to pay for a basic subscription for just a little over 90 months, or 7 and a half years. Alternatively, you could go streaming crazy and subscribe to every other service. With a basic subscription to Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and HBO costing a combined $42.22 per month, you could have it all for just over 23 months — that’s nearly 2 years of the ultimate streaming experience!

  1. Load up on gear

Just because the iPhone X is far too expensive doesn’t mean other gadgets suffer from the same bloated price point. You could do well with $1,000, and if you’re careful with how you spend it, you could get more than just one or two items.

Since you’re sticking with your old 7 Plus, a tailor-made wardrobe of iPhone 7 Plus skins is an obvious choice. These interchangeable decals can transform an old device into a sleeping dragon, a slab of marble, a branch of hardwood, or a luxury leather device. No one will know you’re tapping away on a beat-up model when you nab high quality custom skins for your device.

Perhaps the best thing about a customized iPhone 7 skin is that you’ll have more than enough money left over to splurge on other gadgets. A single iPhone decal barely costs $20, so you could supplement your existing tech with something cooler. At $349, an Apple HomePod falls within the remaining tab. As does a new Xbox One X console at $499. To be perfectly honest, most personal gadgets ring in under the iPhone X’s $999, so you’ll need to do some research to see which device fits your lifestyle and preferences best.

  1. Be responsible

Last but not least, though certainly the most boring, is the option to invest that $1,000. If you have a grand to play around with, you might as well consider preparing for your future by setting up a savings account or investment.

When it comes to stocks and other investments, $1,000 isn’t a lot to play with, but there are low-risk, low-dollar investments like ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) and robo-advisors that could work with your budget. If you choose to go down the savings route, make sure you put it into something with a high interest rate. Long-term savings have to cover the cost of inflation. A basic savings account with low interest won’t maximum the full purchasing power of your dollar decades down the line. Confused? Don’t worry, there are a ton of guides like this one to help you out.

And there you have it: five ways to spend $1,000 without buying the iPhone X. But this is only the beginning. You can cook up inventive ways to drop a grand if you have it, and we’re willing to bet every one of your ideas will be better than getting Apple’s flagship handset.

5 Brilliant Ways to Use Help Desk Software

พฤ, 12/21/2017 - 15:43

Help desk software allows you to address the needs of your customers right away and process their complaints in the fastest time possible. If your company is getting bigger and you are receiving more complaints, you can’t manually deal with all of them. Even if you have a huge IT support team, they still need help. Help desk software makes the job easier for them. Here are some ways to make use of this software to the advantage of your business.

1. Use it to provide better customer experience

With the help of this software, the IT support staff can now provide a more professional service. They become more transparent to the customers in terms of how they are handling the complaints. The customers can also track the progress. In the end, the issue is resolved faster.

2. Offer a self-service option

Customers do not always have to speak with an agent. They can solve certain issues on their own. For instance, with the use of this software, they can access the FAQ page. They can also check out other self-help articles. For those who have sought technical help, they can view the log tickets and their status. They can also easily reset their password and go through the entire process using their self-service portal. This reduces the pressure on the IT department since the number of issues they have to deal with can be reduced.

3. Address issues faster

With the help of help desk software, support staff can now deal with several issues at once. This is true for problems that are quite common. Mobile access is also possible with this software. Therefore, if there are problems that need immediate action, the support team can deal with the issues even outside the office.

4. Use the software to acquire information

The support team can easily solve problems if they have insight on people, software and previous issues. This information is essential in dealing with the current problem so that decisions can be made right away. This saves a lot of time.

5. Maximize reports and analytics

The software also serves as a database. It offers insights into the past performance of the support group. It also helps identify ways to improve the overall service. This is extremely valuable moving forward. Operations can be done more quickly next time. Customers also end up with a better experience partnering with the business.

The use of help desk software can truly revolutionize your business. It means a lot for your support team and the customers who count on them. In general, this makes your company even more reliable. You can’t just focus on improving your products. You should also pay more attention to how you can improve technical support.

The Good And Bad Of Net Neutrality

อังคาร, 12/19/2017 - 15:23

During the past few weeks, it has been difficult, if not impossible, to turn on the television and not hear something about the reversal of net neutrality. A lot of people believe that this could be the end of the Internet as they know it. Others believe that the end of net neutrality could be huge for companies throughout the United States. In actuality, net neutrality has been good and bad. It has been a double-edged sword with a group of winners and a separate group of losers. Within this article, you will learn more about the good and bad attributes of net neutrality.

Streaming Websites

Net neutrality was adopted by a Democratic led FCC in 2015. At the time, the rules were designed to ensure that the Internet would be a level playing field for all companies. It was put together to prevent broadband providers from slowing down access to certain websites while speeding up access to other websites. This all emerged after Netflix and other streaming websites were throttled by Comcast and other Internet service providers. Net neutrality was most certainly a huge benefit for streaming websites, such as YouTube, Netflix, and even Amazon Video.

Companies that offer social media marketing, such as, were also winners. When net neutrality is removed, it could have a negative impact on Netflix and other similar companies.

ISPs Were Losers

When net neutrality was introduced to the public, it severely limited Internet service providers and restricted their ability to make money. They were no longer able to offer paid prioritization to companies throughout the world. They also had a more difficult time controlling and using data collected from their users. Once these rules are removed, there is a good chance that ISPs will return to old activities. They’ll likely throttle the speeds of Netflix, Google and even Amazon. Then, they’ll offer faster speeds for more money. There is also a good chance that Internet service providers will feel more freedom to sell their customers’ private information.

Startups Were Winners

When net neutrality rules were introduced, there were clear cut winners and losers. One of the biggest winners were startup companies, such as Foursquare, Etsy and even Airbnb. In the beginning, startup companies are working with limited capital. They might not be able to use a significant amount of money to pay for faster access speeds. In return, this would leave them out in the dry. With net neutrality, this wasn’t a problem. Startup websites could be accessed just as fast as Amazon, Google and other multi-million-dollar websites.

After net neutrality is revoked, it may severely impact startups in a damaging manner.


There is a debate regarding consumers and the impacts of net neutrality. Some people say that consumers were negatively impacted by these rules. Others believe that net neutrality helped to make the Internet free and open for consumers. It is believed that consumers may wind up paying more when net neutrality rules are removed. ISPs may offer slower speeds at higher prices and faster speeds at even higher prices. Of course, the future is uncertain and nobody can say for sure at this point in time.

The 4-1-1 on ERP Accounting Software

พุธ, 12/13/2017 - 15:40

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is credited with breaking down the walls between different department and functions in a business. It also gives employees and managers access to a complete universe of data. This helps them do their jobs more effectively and efficiently.

Accounting and finance employees, who were previously an afterthought in this process, have been brought into the fold with ERP accounting software. ERP software opens channels of communication between inventory, production, sales, and marketing data; and now a company’s accounting department too. This connection gives non-finance employees information on how their decisions impact the company’s overall financial health. It also keeps accounting and finance employees abreast of day-to-day information, which enables them to produce reports more quickly with less chance of errors in those reports.

How does ERP accounting software improve production and distribution?

Lean manufacturing and production environments place stress on managers to make accurate predictions about the quantities of finished products that customers will order. Overestimates lead to finished goods piling up in warehouses, whereas underestimates leave store shelves empty. This negatively impact sales.

Managers can use information from accounts payable and receivable that is available through ERP accounting software to spot ordering, billing, and payment trends at different times of the year. Not to mention, this helps to avoid product stock problems that might delay or impair delivery of products to customers when demand is high.

Can ERP accounting software improve cash flow?

ERP accounting software gives accounting and finance managers an immediate picture of a corporation’s bottom line at any one point in time. That information can allow managers to redistribute resources more effectively and prevent too much cash from being allocated to unproductive uses. Comparisons of real-time and historical data also give managers an opportunity to anticipate a cash flow problem before it becomes a crisis.

How does ERP software manage invoicing and payments?

ERP accounting software substantially reduces the time required to process invoices and payments, particularly with cloud-based ERP products. Customers can receive invoices through cloud-based systems that they can then access with their own unique logins in order to make payments. The cloud-based ERP accounting software then propagates payment data throughout the system with no need to re-enter data physically in order to generate profit and loss statements and balance sheets. A corporation’s payments can be similarly automated, saving time and resources for its accounting department.

Can ERP accounting software be integrated with human resources functions?

Payroll and employee benefits processing consumes an inordinate amount of time for every organization, regardless of whether that function is handled in-house or it is outsourced to a payroll processor. Accounting ERP software can be integrated with time and attendance systems, employee benefits tracking, and salary and earnings payments to minimize the time required to process payrolls and to track human resources costs against other critical costs within an organization. Companies can use this information to evaluate employee productivity and efficiency, for example, as functions of levels of shipments and sales of finished goods.

Is ERP accounting software a separate ERP module, or is it an inherent part of an ERP software system?

ERP accounting software is available as both a separate module and as part of a unified ERP system. Older legacy ERP software that did not include ERP accounting software is more likely to be expanded with a separate ERP module. Developers have begun to include an ERP accounting option with next generation ERP systems because of the demand for accounting software in those systems. Businesses that are using cloud-based ERP systems will likely have a more straightforward option to add an ERP accounting function to those systems.

Most exciting features of the iPhone X

อังคาร, 12/05/2017 - 00:37

With the iPhone X recently being released for pre-order (and reviewers), much to a wave of praise, many owners are clamouring to advertise the landmark phones best features; here we take a look at 7 of the best features.

  1. Display

You can’t talk about the iPhone X without first talking about the thing that you spend 99.9% of the time interacting with – and that would be the Super Retina HD 5.8 inch 2436×1125 (458 ppi) display. Apple has more or less pushed the boat out and aligned themselves with the competition by redesigning the bezel. That, along with the Apple True Tone technology, HDR10 and Dolby Vision, the Apple iPhone X deals a mighty blow in the face of competitors.

  1. Animoji

The Animoji feature may seem more like a gimmick than anything, but if you have youngsters who like to use facial masking, then this feature will keep them happy for hours on end. Add to that the potential for game development, the Animoji feature will undoubtedly be a big hit with users. In addition, expect a new wave of lip synching music videos (as one user showed with Bohemian Rhapsody) and karaoke-masked videos on social networks.

  1. Face ID

Apple has done away with the home button and with no room on the front for Touch ID (On account of the huge display), Apple nerds have done away with the feature completely in favour of Face ID. It is claimed that the facial mapping feature maps around 30,000 points to make a true composite of your face.

If you wear glasses, don a fringe, grow stubble, it won’t matter – the phone has the ability to learn new facial features and will only unlock with your eyes open; hence, stopping those pesky other halves from trying to unlock it in your sleep.

  1. Cameras

The iPhone X has an overhauled front and back camera and the proof is in the pudding. The iPhone X has dual 12 megapixel cameras that both utilise optical image stabilisation along with a quad LED-flash. The wide-angle lens has a 28mm focal length with an f 1.8 aperture whilst the telephoto lens is 56mm with an f 2.4 aperture. The image sensors are boasting an ability to capture 83 percent more light and with a crop factor of 7, the iPhone X lenses blow the competition out of the water.

In addition to beautiful looking photographs, the iPhone X has improved video features – with 4k video capability, the iPhone X also has 4K 60fps, Slow-mo 1080p up to 240fps. The videos look crisp and sharp, as well as bright and detailed – this will surely pique the interest of run-and-gun shooters as well as amateur filmmakers.

  1. Processors

The iPhone X has excellent processing power and with the upgraded 64-bit A11 Fusion/Bionic chip giving an estimated 70 percent more processing power, Apple have ensured that this beast of a phone will compete for years to come. Add to that the upgraded graphics, the iPhone X will push the boundaries of mobile gaming and photography. The added processor power is reported to not have any adverse effects on battery life or temps of the phone and if early reports are to be believed, apps load faster and pictures snap quicker.

  1. Battery

Ever since the release of the first Apple iPhone, commentators have continually laid criticisms over Apple’s ability to build a phone that outlasts its competitors. Apple has listened to the market and has pinched Samsung’s most lauded feature – QI wireless charging. Apple deals with this with claims that the 2160 mAh battery will now last an estimated 2 hours more than its predecessor and goes from 0 – 100 percent charge in 2 hours 15 minutes.

  1. Apple Pay Cash

Apple has been flaunting this feature in the face of potential customers but have failed to implement it until IOS 11 – the operating system that comes with the iPhone X out-of-the-box. An easy to use payment system to compete with the many payment platforms on the market – this feature allows you to borrow or pay money over SMS – a great feature for students and sellers alike.

The Important Differences Between Web Design and Web Development

อาทิตย์, 12/03/2017 - 17:27

Websites are no longer exclusive to the techies and online businesses. In today’s world, anyone can get a website for personal use, business, or otherwise. But, ease of access doesn’t mean that it’s easy to actually create a website once you’ve paid for your internet real estate. While looking for someone to help you create your site, you may have stumbled across both web designers and web developers.

What’s the difference? Are they the same thing? The term may be used interchangeably, but they are not the same at all.

Building a Website

It takes a lot to make a functional website. There are some resources that make the process a bit simpler for basic sites, but those looking for a customized experience for their viewers need more than the basics. You can find a lot of cut and paste website templates that can work well if all you need is a frame and nothing more. However, this is not the same thing as building a website.

To make a custom website that does exactly what you want it to and looks exactly the way you want it to, you are probably going to need the help of a web designer, web developer, or both. While web design and web development can often cross paths, they are distinctly different things. Each one has its own role in the creation of a website, so you need to pay attention to who you’re hiring for each project.

Do you need a designer or a developer? Let’s take a closer look at what makes each of those roles distinct, so you can make a more informed decision on what you need.

What a Web Designer Does

Design focuses on the front-end portion of a website. Everything a web designer does affects the area of the website that visitors can view and interact with. Web designers focus on the user experience and visual elements of the website.

There is a strong focus on the creative when you’re designing a website. Designers are like the architects of the computer world. You give a web designer your vision and they can help you make a website that looks just like you imagined it. They will also be the ones making sure it’s a seamless, smooth experience for your users.

Many web designers have a limited understanding of coding. They can usually perform basic HTML and CSS coding, but are usually unable to do advanced coding in other languages.

In short, web design is:

  • Visually and aesthetically focused
  • Centered on user experience (UI/UX)
  • Generally considered creative rather than technical
  • Exclusively for front-end and user-facing elements of the website
  • Used to create functional and beautiful websites
What a Web Developer Does

Web development is not particularly concerned with how things look on the front-end and is more focused on making everything work. If the web designers are the architects, web developers are the engineers. They are the ones who do all of the building and constructing of the site from the ground up.

Most web developers are proficient in a number of advanced coding languages like PHP, SQL, Java, CSS, and HTML. This is a much more technical job than web designing, and it requires a lot of problem solving and critical thinking to create a working website. Whereas web designers may just install plug-ins to take care of simple problems, web developers can directly write a solution into the website’s code. This is a fantastic asset if you have a large or complex website to build.

Sites of any size can be built by a web developer. They may use front-end coding to build a website based on a design they’re given, or they can used back-end coding to create complex features of a site like e-commerce pages, integrated databases, payment processors, and more.

In short, web development is:

  • More complex and technical in nature
  • Dependent on coding proficiency
  • Focused on creating a complete, working site through coding
  • Meant to work from the ground up instead of taking shortcuts

While you might find some people who do both web design and web development, it’s more common to find people who specialize in one or the other. These two jobs are not the same, nor do they require the same skillset. Make sure you’re hiring the right person to do a specific job on your website!

17 Devices to make your life that little bit easier

อังคาร, 11/21/2017 - 02:59

The biggest growing market in the mobile phone industry is smartphone accessories – the market is booming and experts believe that by 2022, it will be worth in excess of £80 billion. Here are just some of the many devices designed to make our personal and professional lives that little bit easier – most devices work with all phones but for the purposes of this article, all accessories are referred to with the Samsung Galaxy models of phone in mind.

  1. Lockitron

With the touch of a button, Lockitron allows you to lock and unlock your door. As well as performing one of the most inane tasks around the house, Lockitron can be programmed to open your door automatically when you are within range. Now you can say goodbye to drunkenly faffing about with the key in your door.

  1. Geode

Ever get a headache when it comes to paying by credit card at the checkout? There’s nothing worse than fumbling about in your wallet/purse at the till when there is a long line of customers burning holes in the back of your head. Here is where Geode comes in handy – simply transfer the information from your cards to Geode and you can then use any of the transferred cards at the checkout. A simple little device that can essentially ‘clone’ all your cards which can then be used on command. But that is not all, Geode also allows you to store barcoded loyalty cards and will display them to be scanned at the checkout.

  1. Tod

Tod is a great little tool for monitoring the location of anything that you want. Tod will give you notifications when the devices moves away from your locale – great for vehicles, pets and even young children.

  1. Pico Genie A100

Does your job or pastime require you to use presentations or media to get your point across? If so, then Pico Genie A100 is the tool for you; a portable projector that is as small as an iPhone, the Pico has a 60″ viewable area and has a sound-boosting option to give audio a fuller and richer sound.

  1. Botiful

Botiful is a fun and interesting device that turns your Samsung Galaxy into a driveable mini robot. Think of having a mobile CCTV unit which can be controlled much like a radio-controlled car. Furthermore, you can connect with Skype and Botiful turns into a talkable, mobile robot. Great for parents who want to keep their eyes on their child, wherever they go.

  1. Scanbox

Are you a QR Code fanatic? Do you attend festivals and music events? Then the Scanbox might be the device tailor-made for you. Scanbox is a portable QR Code scanner with in-built LED’s to make scanning in the dark all that more easier.

  1. Node Chroma

NODE Chroma is a real-life colour scanning/picking device which could make aiding colour selection a fruitless task. A great addition to any painter and decorators toolbox, you can pair it with your mobile phone so that you can present the colour details at beck and call.

  1. Sensordrone

Ever need to assess environments such as temperature, gas leaks, air quality or lumination? Then Sensordrone is perfect for your needs – you can attach this to your keys, belt or keychain and pair it to your mobile phone for a live read-out.

  1. Crash Sensor

For the outdoorsy people, Crash Sensor is a device that can be mounted on helmets to monitor whether you have crashed or rendered immobile — and the device will notify your contacts and send them your GPS locations.

  1. Misfit Shine

Misfit Shine is a watch, an activity and sleep monitor all-in-one – fitness fanatics, dieters and health gurus can accurately monitor their physical statistics at end of every day.

  1. Medisana ThermoDock

Have a loved one who is in poor health? Like to monitor your own vital statistics? Then Medisana ThermoDock may be just the device for you. Thermodock checks your body temperature, blood pressure, heart-rate and updates you if they reach dangerous levels.

  1. Deeper

The Fisherman amongst us will know that fishing can be a time-hungry task, as well as, on occasion, provide a source for frustration and impatience. Deeper is a basically a portable sonar device that can detect the movement of fish within a 50m radius. A great device that parents can use to get their children into the sport!

  1. Smart Radiation Detector

Radiation is everywhere and with our environment becoming more and more toxic, health-conscious individuals can use the Smart Radiation Detector to read radiation levels – simply connect to your iPhone or Samsung Galaxy via the microphone input and you are ready to go.

  1. SkyLight

Scientists and biologists use microscopes on a daily basis – The SkyLight allows you to attach your mobile device to any microscope and view under the microscope through your Samsung phone’s display – no more back pains from leaning over microscopes all day long.

  1. Smart Baby Monitor

The Smart Baby Monitor can be installed in your baby’s room to not only monitor your baby’s activities – but can also monitor the environment as well; targeted at parents who need to keep a third-eye on their toddler, the Smart Baby Monitor connects via a wireless connection to the WithBaby app.

  1. Wise-Pet

Wise-Pet is a teddy, teacher and entertainment centre in one. With 5 different pets (who have 5 different personalities), Wise-Pet is essentially a fun mobile phone protector case in the form of a teddy – the accompanying app also has educational features and bedtime story reading abilities.

  1. iPhly

If you, like me, have a nightmare when trying to find your remote controls, iPhly is a device that reads all your remote controlled devices, combines them onto your Samsung mobile phone so that you can control your devices from the one unit.

Ways to Increase Laptop’s Life Expectancy

เสาร์, 11/18/2017 - 19:02

On average, a laptop has a lifespan of 4 years. The laptop users have to replace their gadget after every few years. The device that we use daily becomes unresponsive because of many reasons. Sometimes, the laptops are suffered from damages over time. As a result, the laptop users are bound to get a new one.

Changing a computer is a serious problem for many people. All those problems can be avoided if you learn to stay longer with your laptop. If you are out of the budget and don’t want to buy a new laptop, here are simple ways for you that will help you increase the lifespan of your laptop.

1.    Use laptop with care

The laptops come with a lot of features and functionalities, but most of them are very fragile. The laptop may suffer from the damages such as power supplier breakdown, worn out keyboard, the failure of the hard drive, etc. you can also check some laptop reviews to get more information online. Most of the components of the laptop can be replaced easily. However, they are very expensive and repairing cost fairly high amount.

You can avoid the wear and tear of your laptop if you handle it with care. The hard disk is considered to the most fragile part of the laptop. Since the hard disk performs the most complex tasks of the computer, it is important to move the laptop computer gently. This will prevent the laptop from suffering damages. In this way, you can increase the lifespan of your hard disk

2.    Avoid overheating

As you know that many components of the laptop are integrated into a very small space, they can suffer from overheating. As the laptop is mostly used by keeping it on the lap, the overheating can be very dangerous for the user. The dust can go inside the laptop and can block the flow of air because of which the laptop may suffer from overheating.

It is recommended that you use the laptop on the clean and hard surface. You can also get a laptop support stand for you that provide not only the firm support but also have a cooling fan in it that works to avoid overheating.

3.    Run operating system updates

Every operating system and program has some bugs which are continuously updated. The updates also add the new features to the operating systems that make it more usable for the user and compatible with the device. It is important to make sure that the operating system installed in your laptop is updated version.

The updated versions are important because they save the computer from the security exploitation. Many anti-virus programs canbe installed in your laptop that boosts the speed.

4.    Shut down your laptop after every few days

There are many problems with the computer system that can be simply solved by shutting down the computer. Shutting down the computer after every few daysclears the cache memory. It also repairs the weird bugs faced by the computer.

Monster Truck Culture at BestRoboFest by Association Noosphere and Max Polyakov

เสาร์, 11/04/2017 - 15:03

Monster Trucks are a full-fledged culture that occupies the hearts and minds of dedicated followers. They are delighted by huge trucks and ruthless car shows: all types of vehicles take to the fields and arenas all over the world. The huge events, like MosnterCarsUA, hosted by association Noosphere and Max Polyakov, bring together thousands of shouting fans for the crazy engines and vehicle smashing silliness.

Image Credit: MonsterCarsUA via FB


More about Monster Trucks

1. How it started

Monster Trucks are a prominent culture that started during the late 1970’s. In the beginning, stock pickups were remodeled with oversized tires and suspensions which were two times their initial size. Meanwhile, “Mad Max” (a dystopian thriller) was shot in Australia, initiating the dieselpunk style and bringing the 1st monster car, the Interceptor.

The formal Monster Truck fair took place in 1981. The 1st actual Monster Truck, (Bigfoot), was driven by Bob Chandler (an American). He had prepared a video of how he drove his huge truck over 2 vehicles at a field. He intended to promote his truck to encourage potential  customers to purchase the components of his truck. One person who saw that video recommended that he perform a live show, where people could see how he drives over vehicles. The show turned out extremely successful and people requested more shows of Bigfoot.

2. Monster Trucks Currently

Monster Truck shows are now moving around the world and go by various names. In the Netherlands, Canada and the US it is known as Monster Jam. In the UK — as Monster Truck. The biggest shows are races, daredevils, and stunt shows.

The Monster Truck Show is just a show but it is extremely dangerous. Standard safety rules of each vehicle have been created by MTRA (Monster Truck Racing Association). Each driver must have a fire extinguisher, a helmet and must wear a five-point seat harness. Every vehicle has neck braces, of course.

3. Where it is heading

The monster vehicle culture keeps growing. Mechanics all over the globe are remodeling vehicles out in “Mad Max” style and several other themes.

This movement also has reached Ukraine. For instance, a number of demonic inventions and vehicles were presented at BestRoboFest (one of the Ukraine’s  biggest robotics shows). The show was a separate expo of BestRoboFest dedicated solely to monster vehicles and was called MonsterCarsUA and took place for the 1st time in 2017.

It gathered seventeen designers from Lviv, Kharkiv, Dnipro and other cities of Ukraine.  Extraordinary jeeps, cars, motorcycles, trucks and bicycles were shown off, Both the judges and the spectators were amazed by the unique collection. The show organizer, Noosphere Association (founded by Max Polyakov), decided to reward the winner by sponsoring the creation of a new vehicle for the following show the next year. The concept will be represented next year in real life!

Image Credit: MonsterCarsUA via FB

Max Polyakov, Noosphere Ventures said, that he enjoyed seeing the number of contestants and spectators, which doubled over 2016, when BestRoboFest happened for the for first time.

“Monster Trucks” in Dnipro (Ukraine) has reached so far and it promises to be even more astonishing next year! Anyone with a progressive, ingenious mind can take part with their auto-bike and moto creations. Time to start inventing! Whether for yourself and the whole world, because everyone seeks that adrenaline feeling and a real taste for life!

Which Video Game Hero Do You Want to Be? Pac-Man!

พุธ, 10/18/2017 - 00:23

The world of video games has thrown out so many heroes in the past, and many of them portrayed unique characteristics. The fact remains that people choose to be affiliated to them based on what they represented in the games. Some came as the warlords that destroy everything on their part. Some came as the peacemaker that wants peace in the world, while others depicted beauty, glamour, and some other characters. Amongst all of them, Pac-Man seems to be the best video game hero of all times.

The fact is that the character of Pac-Man is so iconic that every person who likes, gentle and responsible living will fall in love with him. Now, it was introduced around the 1980s, so it is also easy to see people born around the 70s and early 80’s cherish him with passion. But above that, the fact that it represented something very simple, and at some point rare is also a plus to it.  The Pac-Man is a representation of the hero of the Japanese arcades game.

In the native Japanese language, it is referred to as Pakkuman. This personality represented the protagonists of the entire Pac-Man franchise. So, what it represented was more than a game, but an entire organization. This will actually draw people who are into brand building to it, and as an entrepreneur you wouldn’t escape feeling some love for the Pac-Man.

The Pac-Man has been used in more than 30 game spin offs with license from the official and original Pac-Man, so it is a business name too. There have also been several clones and bootlegs without authorization. This portrays how famous it is and how it is among the best online casino games in the video game category.

In the games, Pac-Man always comes off as a responsible family man, and this is the first point of the love we have for him. The games are always talking about family, which is also something most of us cherish so much. The wars and conflicts are not a perfect definition of humanity and the world, but Pac-Man brings something more realistic. Pac-Man will always Mary a wife and give birth to kids. They will always have their home, and this home normally looks like Pac-Man.

The fact that the Pac-Man is always happy, enjoying fun and excitement is another thing that draws people closer to it. Now, while he is always on the adventure trail, he will have it at the back of his mind that it is always family first. That preference for the quiet family life does it for many people. He sits with his family to enjoy dinner, and does a lot of chores in the home. Though he took on different jobs in different games, the happy mood is generally there. So, the world needs such characters to propel people to try to be happy against all odds.

Even when it comes to his relationship with the ghosts, Pac-Man still kept it at the level of friendly antagonism. The ghosts were never seen as a threat by him. Instead, he sees them as a nuisance. This is irrespective of the fact that the ghosts created a monster out of a chewing gum and attempted to take over Pac-Man’s city from him.

6 gadgets for the modern handyman

ศุกร์, 10/13/2017 - 18:10

If you are a professional carpenter or an amateur, then you must know about the tools that are designed to make your jobs easier, faster and efficient. You can buy these tools at hardware stores at great prices and take them along with you on your jobs. These tools are lightweight, compact, and easy to store in a tool box. They are excellent for small jobs around the home or business.

No handyman should be without the proper tools. Here is a list of six gadgets every carpenter will find useful:

* Cordless drills- Because the drill is cordless, it can be charged and taken to perform jobs anywhere, at home or away from home. Choose one that will accept different types of drill bits.

* Nail guns- These have taken place of old fashioned hammers so there are no more banged up fingers. Nail guns are powered by air.

*Tape measure- This comes in handy for taking most measurements, especially when wood cutting is involved, Without this tool, you will messing up and causing a lot of wasted material.

*Oscillating Multi-Tool- This tool, the Oscillating Multi-Tool, is a real space saver because it has a head that will accept a variety of attachment tools like sander, grinder, wood cutter, and more. No carpenter should be without one and it is excellent for spur of the moment projects too.

*Circular Saw- Great for projects that involve wood cutting. Other heavy materials can be cut with this type of saw. You may choose to purchase a cordless or corded one.

* A set of screwdrivers- You will also find it very useful to have a complete assorted set of screwdrivers on hand. Cordless drills are much easier to use, but as a backup, the old fashioned screwdriver will never fail. You can share what you have learned here with your co-workers, family and friends. Having the correct tools will show that you are well equipped for work and you take real interest in your job.

If you are a beginner carpenter, then you can seek advice from an expert carpenter on some great brand names, or read a few online reviews to help you decide. Tools can be purchased online at very affordable prices and they all come with a complete long lasting guarantee. You can have your tool order delivered right to your home or business, plus express shipping is available if you are in a hurry.

Your new tools will come with instructions on use, care and safety. It is always important as a carpenter to place safety as your number one priority. Taking good care of your tool will deliver you long lasting use and excellent performance in your carpentry jobs. Also when you apply for a job, the employer will see that you are well prepared for work by having the correct tools on hand. You can also make more money when you have the correct tools to move from one job to the next.

5 reasons your business needs custom software

ศุกร์, 10/13/2017 - 17:55

Any business official out there is aware of the importance of marketing. This is especially with cases when one is looking to build his brand and establish a well-built consumer-brand relationship. When a business grows, it is evident that the number of your clients will definitely increase. In this case, you will probably find it hard to maintain an effective value-driven relationship with all of your clients. What then can be a solution to such cases? A wise businessperson will look for assistance from established marketing directors. Hiring marketing directors are, at this point, essential, as they can develop performance-driven programs and eventually converting leads to clients.

Custom Software

It is important that every business should have marketing software. The software is supportive especially with the issues of the repetitive marketing tasks. What custom software actually does is it automates web-based services such as the email and social media amongst others. The process includes managing and optimizing the services hence saving entrepreneurs time. With that in place, emailing and creating web pages are made more comfortable. In case you are still wondering why you need it, here are a few benefits of custom software development that will convince you.

1. Time and Money Saving

Marketing automation software can be very efficient compared to manual marketing. First, it is time-saving as it only requires few steps to accomplish. Secondly, it saves time as one can send a massive number of emails and updates in no time. In addition to the software, as with many popular asset tracking systems, does not require significant labor because it only requires an individual for a full time operation. A business owner, will, therefore have to save much while he has done marketing to the whole department. The marketing custom software is a tool to save you energy and budget especially as a small business owner.

2. Branding Made Easier

Consistent branding is the primary tool for the quick building of customer-brand trust. This step is essential especially if one needs to drive sales that eventually lead to qualified leads. Automation can increase the level of one’s branding as it creates and maintains one’s branding presence across various platforms. This, in turn, will save you money that you can use on other critical areas. These areas include direct mailers and texting services.

3. Convenient Development of Lead Generation

I am sure no one would enjoy overspending his hard-earned money carelessly. This happens, mostly, if one does not invest in custom software. For instance, if one decides to send every individual lead a welcoming letter, it will automatically consume much of his time and energy. The case is usually different with the automation software where you can quickly reach out to prospective lead with your client at first interaction.

4. Provides High ROI

One’s customer retention is made much easier once your leads have developed. The case is similar with when your sales process has been automated. Also, one is likely to achieve lead generation, optimization, and management hence a significant return on investments. With this case, it is always more customer, more sales as the software appreciates.

5. Ease of Use

The software has been designed for secure operations regardless of if one is experienced or not. As recommended, most of this software comes with pre-made templates that one can customize as it guides through the whole process from start to finish. With that in place, there is no need of undergoing training. Additionally, It includes crucial elements such as email automation, marketing automation, and landing page creation.

Essential guide about disaster recovery and business continuity

ศุกร์, 10/13/2017 - 17:50

Disasters can prove quite devastating for businesses and communities alike. It’s hard to predict when disaster will strike, which is why it’s essential to create a business recovery plan as soon as possible.

Technology is all around us. By using it in a healthcare setting, we can learn to create plans and backup solutions if our businesses fail during a disastrous time. Understanding businesses continuity plans, disaster recovery plans, and the importance of business in a healthcare setting can help to prevent devastation at its most prominent point.

This guide will give you some tips about how to quickly recover from any kind of disaster, and how to ensure that your business remains safe and strong no matter what.

Tech Services in the Healthcare Field

An understanding of the Importance of Healthcare IT services is crucial to the safeguarding of business data and records during a disaster. There are several IT solutions that you can equip to your healthcare business to make sure that patient records and important files remain intact.

Not only do IT services help keep your most important documents, but they can also keep costs low over a prolonged period of time. These types of services allow for constant network access, especially during a time of a disaster.

Plus, consulting is available to help you decide what kind of services can help your business the most.

The Best Business Continuity Plan

A lot of business owners ask themselves: What’s better? A disaster recovery or business continuity plan? This is a question that many in the IT field ask themselves on a daily basis. Both types of plans are essential when running a tech-related organization, but you can decide which of the two plans is most important to provide you with relief after a disaster.

A business recovery plan discusses the steps that a business should take in the event that a disaster occurs. On the contrary, a disaster recovery plan is a security plan that protects parts of your business from any disaster. For example, you will want to protect your high-end security and IT services from going under in case of a flood or hurricane. There are benefits to having both of these types of plans.

Impact analysis and continuity strategies are two important steps that should be taken when making a business continuity plan. You want to make sure that you know what to do when disaster strikes. How will communication continue? How will you ensure that your security will not be compromised? Do you have a temporary work location set up in the event that you need to evacuate?

While both types of plans are interdependent of each other, it is difficult to have one without the other. Any issues that will arise in one plan will likely be addressed by the other.

Ultimately, once your business continuity and disaster recovery plans are formed, they will require reviews every so often to make sure everything is still in order. Your business is likely changing and growing, and so your disaster protection plans should reflect that same fluidity.

Gadgets that can help you with training your body

จันทร์, 10/02/2017 - 17:34

In every aspect of our lives, the modern era is giving us a whole host of tools to make us more able to achieve our goals. For entrepreneurship I have crowdsourcing, for art I have design tablets and 3D pens, for college I have websites which can write an essay for me, and for pet care I have automatic food dispensers and pet-friendly video chat. And, of course, there is also a whole host of gadgets for improving our workouts. Depending on your fitness routine there is a whole host of apps and exercise machines available to you.

Misfit Shine is one of the best activity trackers out there, even better some would say than the Fitbit. It tracks your movements and activities and outlines them in comparison with your goals. What is more, it’s waterproof. Whether you are working out to lose weight or be a better athlete, doing a plank workout or going swimming, the Misfit Shine can help you reach your goals.

When following a weight loss diet plan, it can be difficult to stay on track, especially if you’re a total foodie, or if you eat on the go and whilst doing other things. If willpower is not enough to keep your portions controlled, the HAPIfork may be the tool for you. It vibrates when you eat too fast, to encourage you to slow down and pay more attention to your food, which is proven to reduce how much we eat.

If you are an avid jogger or sprinter, you will know that pace measurers frequently give incorrect data. But is there a way of monitoring your running efficiency other than using exercise machines such as ellipticals or treadmills? Yes there is. The Sensoria Fitness Sock bases your movements on your ankle to ensure it keeps an accurate record, and will let you know how you are moving and how to improve via an app.

If you aren’t sure whether your weight loss diet plan is working or not, you could try upgrading your scales. The Fitbit Aria is a super modern set of scales which tells you your weight, body fat percentage, and BMI, and adds the record to your computer charts automatically, so you can watch your progress.

After finishing our free weights, sprint, or crossfit plank workout, many of us take a protein shake. But have you ever stopped to consider how bulky our sports supplements and nutrition bag is? A water bottle, a tupper of protein, and a shaker cup already take up quite a bit of space. But what if we could combine them? The Umoro One is a combined water bottle and protein shaker that saves loads of space. It is a normal water bottle you can sip from as you hit the exercise machines or run. But it has a capsule of protein powder inside it. After your workout you can hit a button to release the protein, and the capsule works to shake up the powder until it is blended into your water.

As you can see, fitness technology is really bringing our workouts into the 21st century. So whatever you use – it will keep you fit, according to your inquiry.

In  your workout and whatever your goals, have a look into what technology can do for you.

Top 20 Mobile Apps That Support Students in the Trickiest Situations

พฤ, 09/28/2017 - 20:14

Every college student use help at school in some way or another. With technology advancing every year, shouldn’t there be high-tech help available for you? There is! Through mobile app downloads, you can have the best help you need while going to school. Take a look at some examples below!

1. WolframAlpha

If you have a question about pretty much anything, just ask this app. Through a series of algorithms and data, its knowledge engine can pull up accurate answers from a variety of sources. It can even give you explicit instructions on how it has concluded the answers. This is perfect for studying and working on assignments!

2. EasyBib

Save time for creating book references in bibliographies by using this app. You can have it format your references in MLA, APA, and Chicago styles. All you have to do is to scan the book’s barcode!

3. Safety Apps

It’s important to remain safe both on and off campus. Safety apps allow you to stay connected with friends and locate each other whenever you are lost or need help. All you have to do is to press the button to ask your friends for help and a GPS tracker will mark your location on your friends’ devices – making sure you’re always safe! Some of these apps include Circle of Six, Bugle, React Mobile and bSafe.

4. Lecture Capture Apps

These apps allow you to record your class lectures through your iPad or mobile device without needing expensive recording equipment so you never miss what is said and can refer back to it later. Some apps can include Lecture Capture, Audio Memos Free – The Voice Recorder, SoundNote, and Notes Plus.

5. Dropbox

Organize any of your educational content – documents, videos, photos, and more – on any of your devices. You can sync and add files and access them on the go while sharing them with other people. This is perfect when you take notes on a tablet and need to transfer them to a computer or are working on a group assignment.

6. Wake-up Apps

It’s hard for students to get good sleep at night which can cause them to oversleep in the morning and be late. Wake-up apps have been created to help you wake up on time by incorporating alarms that require you to perform tasks such as shaking the phone up-and-down or taking a photo to stop it. Other apps help correct your sleeping pattern by waking you during your lightest sleep phase which it calculates by your movement the time you went to sleep. That way, you wake up on time and feel refreshed. Some apps include Sleep Cycle and Alarmy: Sleep if You Can.

7. Evernote

Stay optimally organized by using this app with features to create notes, take photos, record voice reminders, create to-do lists, and more that can be synced with multiple devices.

8. Student Planner Apps

Keep yourself organized and free of having to carry paper note reminders with a student planner app that will also send reminders and alerts straight to your phone or device. Some of these apps include Class Timetable, Timetable, and My Class Schedule.

9. iTunes U

Have access to assorted coursework and assignments from leading universities like Yale and Stanford through a huge digital catalog of educational content that’s free via this app. You can use the material to take notes and share with other students, perfect for studying and gathering assignment information!

10. Period Table

This app is geared more towards students in science and chemistry classes. With this app, you can use videos and podcasts to help you learn about the elements of the periodic table. You can go through different levels of data so you are not overwhelmed.

11. CamScanner

If you don’t have time to sit down and read a book or study at the library for long, you can use this app to take your reading material with you anywhere you go. With the simple scan of text on a page, the content will be digitally formatted to convert into a JPEG file or PDF that can be stored in the cloud, printed, or delivered via fax!

12. GradeProof

Start scoring higher on your papers and essays by improving your writing with this app. You can identify intricate grammatical issues that other writing apps don’t normally detect, and you get sentence-by-sentence directions on how to improve your overall writing style.

13. Office Lens

Take pictures of whiteboards, documents, blackboards, receipts, magazines, and more that can be converted into a text format that is shareable and editable. If you’re sitting at the side of a classroom, glares and shadows will be cleaned up so the imagery is picture-perfect for PowerPoint, Word, and PDF files.

14. Dragon Dictation

Stop wasting time writing your notes; start voice recording them. With this app, you can speak into your phone as you read and your spoken words will be formatted into a text that can be shared and emailed to you. That way, you can take notes as you read and cut down the time required to type up a paper.

15. Studious

Stay on track with homework due dates and upcoming exams by using a tracker with this app for quick organizing and reminding. You can even add assignments with the quick shake of your mobile device. Also, you have the capability to jot down brief notes and email your teachers.

16. Quizlet

Improve your studying skills with Quizlet. Create your own personalized flashcards with audio, imagery, and text content or take advantage of already user-created quizzes that vary across any topic you can think of. With the straightforward interface, the setup process is easy and doesn’t take much time!

17. Microsoft Office

Microsoft is now available as a mobile app and it includes Excel, PowerPoint, Word, OneNote, and Outlook. Store and create documents that can be adapted to both your mobile and computer. Email an attachment or link for collaboration and have your documents ready to be accessed whenever you need it.

18. Mendeley

With this app, you can collaborate with classmates and manage research citations for your writing. It allows you to annotate and search journal articles that are often required for higher education. You can even sync your phone with a computer to help keep you organized.

19. Free Graphing Calculator

This app is amazing for anyone who needs to perform math or statistical work. Instead of carrying around a scientific calculator, you can use this app. It can perform all the functions of a scientific calculator such as graphing equations, parametric equations, and embedded functions.

20. Zombies, Run!

At the end of a hard school day, you may want to relieve stress by working on your fitness. A good stress relieving activity for fitness is running. However, running might not be fun for you. Good news for you is that you can make running fun with this app. Select the music you want to listen to and the apps audio recording will project a zombie apocalypse scenario accompanied to your tunes. Have fun running away from the flesh-eating zombies while you run and jam out!

With all these handy apps, you’ll be fully prepared to handle your college tasks, deadlines, papers, and more. If you feel that you still have no time to complete an assignment on your own, you can ask a writing service like to help you out and create a sample paper that will assist you.